Monday, March 10, 2014

Vertical Lettuce Garden. Made it like Martha.

Pinterest was launched on March 10, 2010. 
The TV Documentary series, Hoarding, Buried alive began March 14, 2010… four days later. A coincidence? I think not.. 

Meanwhile, at my cats house, I had several empty soft drink bottles laying about after the Christmas festivities. 
It takes my recycling bin approximately seven months to catch up after Christmas time, with all the boxes, cartons and paper and such that we accumulate. That’s some serious consumerism right there, so in order to somewhat service the environmental Karma Kombi, I decided to search pinterest for a way to reuse some of those empty soft drink bottles and found THIS HERE. 

I thought I could do something similar and make a vertical garden, fixed to the side of my pallet potting bench. 

The answer to the question of what to plant in this garden came, after I ventured out to observe the local publican wildlife with my mate this weekend.

Long story short, a good night was had by all, and even though I really did not over indulge by any means, I woke on Sunday feeling.. Well.. the opposite of not hung over as arse. This means that;
(A) I don’t get out enough,
(B) I am getting too old for this shit or
(C) all of the above.

Regardless, I missed the produce market and was forced to by 'fresh' produce from a supermarket.
I may have been seen wandering around the isles of the fruit and veg at the supermarket like a cast member of extreme cheapskates muttering “Pffft, $3.98 for a fucking lettuce? Get rooted” And I walking out vowing to plant more lettuce. 

So lettuce it was.

Now Id like to make out like this was amazingly difficult to do, and therefore required a great deal of skill, natural talent and ability. The truth is though that it didn’t require any special super powers, and it wasn't difficult.

I would rate it.. 1 Martha.

It’s a matter of cutting a few soft drink bottles in half and screwing them, with a small timber screw on a board. (In this case, a ¼ pallet that makes up the side of my potting bench)  
Using the base of the bottle, with a few drainage holes punched in the bottom, and then tiering the top half of the soft drink bottles above them.

I put a few pebbles in the bottom for drainage and stuffed some hay into the neck of the bottle to stop the soil from seeping through.

Fill it with dirt and lettuce seedlings and.. voila.

In Summary,
You will need; 
*A pallet or board
*Empty soft drink bottles
*Potting mix
*Small timber screws

Difficulty- 1 Martha

Cost-       About $10 including seedlings for this size, but you can make it as small or as large as you like.

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