Friday, February 21, 2014

Rainbow Brite Beanie

Yesterday, I felt like stool. So I told Facebook, because I wanted someone to gently rub my back, say things to me like..”Oh you poor dear” and fetch me a hot honey and lemon and if it wasn’t too much trouble, perhaps a book or a magazine.

My sister sent me this and enquired what type? Because she is funny and unsympathetic.

I laughed, then it reminded me that I haven’t used the Martha Scale lately.

Meanwhile, I was digging around on pinterest, for some Easter present inspiration, because Pinterest, and I need help… When I came across THIS SCARF.

It reminded me of Rainbow Brite.

When I was a four, My Nan and Pop gave me this for Christmas.

I still vividly remember that morning. This White Rainbow Sprite was sitting in a red plastic shopping cart underneath Nan and Pop’s tree.

Hence forth, that Sprite, never left my side. Unless it fell under the bed, in which case I would cry until Dad would dig around under there and get it for me. I was an emotionally unstable child when I was tired.

 I would suck on his nose, which is disgusting considering how many times it fell under the bed given the usual state of under my bed. It was also potentially deadly as the nose, (before I sucked all the paint off) was a vivid red, and I can’t imagine that vibrant shade was achieved back in the day without a good dose of lead, but whatever. I loved it.

So I made the scarf yesterday, while I lay on the lounge, feeling like stool, which now I think about it, could be possible delayed lead poisoning.

I also made this.

It is disgustingly easy, So I thought I would attempt to put a pattern together. I should warn you that I have never attempted to write a crochet pattern before, and I don’t actually ever use patterns. I am more of a look at it and attempt kind of crafter.
I don’t do instructions, they give me rage.

Anyway. I will give it a red hot go.

Rainbow Brite Beanie.

I used a K 6.50mm Crochet hook, and 8 Ply Carnival yarn, because that is all I could reach without getting off the lounge.

Stitches used

sl st.

-Make a magic circle.
Row 1.
Into the circle, work 10x dc. Join with a sl st.

Row 2
Ch 3. Work 2x hdc into every dc. (20 Stitches) Join with a slip stich.

Row 3.
Ch 3. Work * 2x hdc  into the first two stitches, and 1x hdc into the next. Repeat from * till the end of the row and join with a sl st.

Row 4

Ch 3. 2x hdc into the first st, 1x hdc into the next three stitches, then 2x hdc into the next stitch, 1x hdc into the next three. Repeat until the end of the row, join with a sl st.

Rows  5-10 
Ch 3. hdc into every stitch, join with a sl st.


Ch 1, Into the first stitch work, 1x sc, 1x dc, 1x hdc, 1x dc, 1x sc. Into the next stitch sl. repeat to the end of the row.Join with a sl st and Finish. 


I used Yellow 8ply, (I think carnival yarn, but I can’t be sure, because I bought it in a bag of yarn from Vinnies and it had no label.) I also used a size F 3.75 hook.

Make a magic circle.
Row 1.
Into the Magic circle, sc x 7. Join with a sl at.

Row 2

2x dc into every stitch. Join with a sl st.

Row 3

Into the first stitch, work 1x sc, 1x dc, 1x hdc, ch 1, 1x hdc, 1x dc, 1x sc. Into the next stich sl.
repeat for the next six stiches, making  4 clusters in total.and 4 stitches unworked.(Flat edge)

Sew the stars by the unworked stitches (Flat edge) to the top of the beanie.

Stand back and bask in your creative genius.

I give this a 2 on the Martha scale.

Enjoy your weekend. xx

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