Friday, January 17, 2014

Guess where I am going tomorrow?

Tomorrow, I am headed into the city, to attend a lunch and talk with brands about various social media, blogs and blogging. I like doing this kind of thing, because I enjoy talking about myself, I also enjoy discussing blogs with people who don't roll their eyes or glaze over when I do. There will also be other bloggers there. Mmmm other bloggers. Mah favourite.

(No actual bloggers will be Barbecued- Feel free to follow at #Bloggers_BBQ)

Sunday is also jam packed with various blogging and personal paraphernalia, before Monday see's a return of my newly found interview skills. Look out Lisa Ling.. I got my eye on your car parking spot.

This week, although it has been busy, has also been very productive. I have so far, successfully completed an entire week of blogging every day, thanks to Melodramatic Me's 30 day blog challenge, and because I have been blogging every day, I really didn't want you to miss anything. It's totally not cheating to do a wrap up post OK? Stop looking at me like that.. Just click on the pictures to catch up on anything you may have missed.

Here it is; *Cue sentimental music

Did you see I introduced a new craft scale? It's early days yet, but I have every hope that it will catch on, and soon everyone throughout the land will be down at Mitre 10 asking, On a Scale of one to five Martha's, How hard is it?

I may have given my son permanent psychological damage with my superb parenting skill.

I dispensed advice to myself like I was running for Gandhi.

I made a doll house out of recycled stuff..

And I discussed all things about writing sex scenes.

I am a busy little beaver, *Snigger.. Beaver... 
That reminds me! I still have 'That scene' to write, so I'll see you Monday.
Cheers x

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Bubfriendly Winnie said...

Fantastic!!! I'm going to be at the bloggers bbq tomorrow too - my first ever bloggers event! looking forward to it!