Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Every reason to be arrogant.

I heard a story yesterday, from a man who had every reason to be arrogant. 

He forged a career for himself, when everyone around him told him that he couldn’t. He did it anyway, because he loved it. He worked at it, despite the taunts and the ridicule and the countless voices telling him to just give up.

He worked his way up in this career, and still he was told that he couldn’t do it. He did it anyway.

He fought past the sting of the words thrown at him by haters, not because it didn’t hurt, but to not do what he loved would hurt far more than their words did.

Eventually he made a name for himself, and all those who ridiculed and doubted became the first to pat him on the back.

I asked him if it was fantastic to finally hang the finger and tell everyone to shove it up their ass? I mean... I despise arrogance, but it seems that if anyone had a good enough reason to be arrogant, he had it.

Only he wasn’t. He didn’t hang the finger at anyone, and there would be no shoving up, of anyone’s ass, he simply bowed humbly and thanked them for their congratulations.

This is why...

He told me a story about when he was a kid, and through circumstance, he managed to land himself a bit of a job. Not just any job, but a job working for a brief moment with his idol. He was to spend mere hours in the presence of the man that made him want to do what he loved so badly, that he put up with taunting and ridicule to achieve it.

He quietly tip toed around his idol all day, doing the best and most impressive job he could, and when he worked up enough courage, he approached his idol and asked for a moment of his time. Mere seconds it would take for to scrawl an autograph on a cap. His idol looked him up and down, and waved his hand dismissively and just said...

“Yeah, later”

Not disheartened, he kept working, trying harder to be efficient so that his idol might have a spare moment to sign his cap. He crept around in the shadows, making sure not to bother his idol, but to prove that he was worthy of a signature.

The day drew to an end and he waited, cap in hand for his autograph and when he saw his idol packing up, getting ready to walk out, he fought back the fear that he might anger his idol and ran to the exit to ask again for an autograph, it would be now or never.

His idol turned to him and angrily yelled, “I said later OK? Fuck off!” walked out and went home.

He found it difficult to describe the feelings that he felt at the rejection of a man who did not know him, but a man who was, the reason he was.

That day, he decided to walk past his hurt once more, and made a promise that he would never make another person feel the way he felt at that moment. No matter how big he became or who the person was, even if it was one of the many people who taunted him. 

If any person took the time to pat him on the back for the work he did, then he would bow humbly and just say thank you.

I for one, hope this man makes it to the stars and back.

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bodyandfeetretreat said...

I want more of his story !!!!
Have a great week !

Emmas Brain said...

Honestly, his story was epic!! There will definitely be more to the story over the next few weeks! It will be up in the Doco section. Xx

Lisa Lintern said...

Yes! I want more too...

bodyandfeetretreat said...

YAY - will keep an eye out for it !

river said...

Couldn't take two seconds to scrawl his name?
There's a lesson in there, never forget that you too were once nobody.

Emmas Brain said...

I know!, it would have taken him seconds!! And indeed, there is a great lesson it it. Xx

Ash Kaye said...

When my oldest son was younger, his dad took him to Manly Oval to watch his hero, Michael Bevan, play in a grade cricket match. Took my boy 2 hours to summon up the courage to ask him for his autograph, because HERO! Michael Bevan signed the cap, Matthew Phelps. Kid was shattered.

A few years later after Michael Bevan was relegated from HERO status to FUCKING ARSEHOLE HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU DO THAT TO A KID? status, my boys replacement hero was Brian Lara. All round, a much bigger star than Bevan could ever dream of being. And my boy got to meet Brian Lara, who signed his bat with the words "I hope to see you achieve all your dreams one day and smash all my records". Not only did he do that, he also gave my boy his mobile number and email address. Still in contact and mates to this day.