Monday, April 25, 2011

Churn on Uncle Waz

When I am nowhere near, and you are not that far, I am no one at all.
When all that flows, down the river, it knows,
But who I am and where I walked, and when it comes time,
To measure my stride, I will smile, I will watch for you. 

For now and for what, and for the in between,
I want for you to know, for when I thought It, and I cant remember if I spoke it, 
 Especially for the words that came, like a gift.

To me
There was nothing you could not do

I would watch you, and you would speak, You would sound just like my dad,
You would hold my hand like a friend.

To me
There was no tree to high

You made me laugh till I could not breathe,
The one word conversations, they flowed from one subject to the next,
With a humour so much like my own.

To me,
It felt like home.

For the family nights, The thick and the thin,
With Esmay and Enry, for the memories and the same sense of humour,
For the one liners, that are so familiar they warm me.
For Tuna Casserole and french toast.

To me,
The life of Brian will never get old.

For your talent, I will paint,
For your Music, I will play,
For your loved ones, I will hold.
I love you.

Tune up the guitars Uncle Waz,
Get the party cranking,
There is no doubt
To me
We will all be together again.

Rest in peace  and till the next one,

Em x


Mrs Woog said...

RIP indeed, wonderful post Em xxx

Clarinda said...

Very touching. much love